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Pigmentation basically means skin colouring. The colour of human skin can have varied ranges - from skin of a very light tone, such as pinkish or reddish white allowing the visibility of the blood vessels or through to very dark skin with high levels of melanin. It is melanin that is likely to determine the skin colour, with some skin disorders related to skin pigmentation seeing an increase or reduction in melanin and corresponding changes in skin colour.

Skin pigmentation can either be affected by Hyper pigmentation or Hypo pigmentation (where hyper is more and hypo is less). Hyper pigmentation sees darkening of areas of the skin and is caused by excessive melanin production as well as deposition. Hypo pigmentation is basically the loss of skin pigmentation.

Skin pigmentation


Genetic factors are the most common cause of differences in skin pigmentation. There are also certain auto immune conditions as well as drugs which can be blamed for causing such changes in pigmentations. Sun damage is a prevalent external factor responsible for skin pigmentation. It can also be impacted upon by certain acute diseases, drug reactions, medications and hormonal fluctuations that can lead to altered skin pigmentation.

Skin pigmentation changes are more likely to happen during pregnancy due to hormonal fluctuations. Some contraceptive pills can also trigger changes in skin pigmentation and skin darkening. When there is localized growth in the production of skin pigment, the awareness is established of the skin disorder. In such cases you might notice age spots, freckles, hyper pigmentation, liver spots, moles and sunspots. Sun damage can also aggravate skin pigmentation conditions as well.

Laser By Sia


Pigmentation treatments are quite common these days. For those who experience skin pigmentation problems, the pigmentation removal techniques have had significant improvements over time and people can obtain near permanent solutions rather than using only temporary treatments to remove pigmentation. One of the most popular pigmentation removal treatments nowadays involves the use of lasers.

Laser pigmentation removal techniques have been very popular of late for facial skin pigmentation such as melasma and others. Laser facial resurfacing techniques are also used for evening out facial skin pigmentation. Laser resurfacing is slightly more expensive treatment when compared to other treatment methods used; people prefer to use this method because it can quickly lighten hyper pigmentation.

Laser hair removal

Of all the laser treatments for pigmentation, the most advanced technique is the use of the Alexandrite laser. This method is said to have tremendous potential in treating skin imperfections. The treatment is carried out with the use of long and controlled pulses of well filtered light in order to remove pigmentation. This is a non-surgical treatment and can treat various skin flaws such as birth marks, hyper pigmentation, melasma, freckles, age spots and sun spots. Apart from lasers, skin pigmentation can also be treated with Chemical peels, Dermabrassion, Kojic acids, Hydroquinone crème or power peel.

Lasers have by far been the most potent treatment for skin pigmentation. This is likely to remain that way as the advancements that are made in laser treatment methods are further developed and this option becomes an ever more suitable one for treatment.

facial skin pigmentation

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