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Alexander McQueen

For the third season, leading U.K. nail stylist Marian Newman collaborated with Minx co-founders Janice Jordan and Dawn Lynch-Goodwin to create the nail fashion for the Autumn/Winter 2011 Alexander McQueen collection presented March 8, 2011.

Unlike prior seasons where fabric swatches were provided to Marian, for this collection Marian was asked to use her imagination to create custom Minx that expressed the theme of Ice Queen/Snow. “Initially I researched some visuals online that captured the essence of the theme, and sent those references to Janice Jordan,” explained Marian. “We then discussed the various ideas, and Janice created options using the key images we agreed upon.”

Alexander McQueen stylist Camilla Nickerson made the final selection from the portfolio of nail fashion that Marian presented, and chose the Minx look that Janice called “Crystal Cave”. The look is achieved by applying a top coat of Minx that is a translucent replication of the view from a snow cave, with black fading to silver, applied over a flat silver base coat. “The overall effect is that of a snow queen peering out of her icy cave, and if you look closely you can see the ice crystals embedded in the silver,” explains Janice.

“Minx creates an amazing effect that nothing else can achieve, plus it’s perfect for the catwalk,” said Marian. “There’s no wet polish to ruin clothes, and it’s so quick to apply when you know what you are doing… there’s nothing quite like it.”

Marian Newman and her team were joined backstage by Janice and Dawn who personally assisted in applying Minx to the approximately 35 runway models used for the show.

Vivienne Westwood

Minx nails were again at the scene for The Grand Dame Vivienne Westwood’s Autumn/Winter 2011 Gold Collection which was shown on March 4, 2011 at the Pavillon Concord during Paris Fashion Week.

U.K. nail stylist Sophy Robson, who regularly provides nail fashion for the Vivienne Westwood shows, was asked to create a mirrored theme for the collection and immediately thought of Minx nails.

“I work closely with Val Garland who is the makeup artist, and with Vivienne's husband Andreas, who oversees the vision of the show each season to create the Vivienne Westwood woman,” said Sophy. “They tell me what they are thinking and ask me to bring my take on it. So, in addition to the mirrored aspect, I wanted to add the textured look to give a new dimension to the reflective surface of the Minx” Sophy explained.

Minx co-founders Janice Jordan and Dawn Lynch-Goodwin were in Paris for fashion week when Sophy contacted them about using gold Minx for the show, but they didn’t have any gold templates with them. “Luckily enough, we had just finished some fashion shows the night before with UK nail stylist Marian Newman and her team who were already on the Eurostar back to London,” said Dawn. “We quickly called Marian and arranged for her team member to meet Sophy in London to give her all the available gold Minx.”

The final nail fashion for the show was Minx with a brushed metal finish applied over a gold Minx underlay, perfectly complementing the strong ensembles. And, because Minx is a solid nail coating and not a polish, the gold mirrored look was achieved without a smell or smudge in sight.

Janice and Dawn worked with Sophy and her team of Zaida Ibrahim, Dawn Sterling, Ludmyla Karayeva and Ruth Taylor to apply Minx to the approximately 30 models at the show in Paris.

“Minx is the best method to get such a metallic mirrored surface as far as I'm concerned,” said Sophy, as she packed up after the show. “And, some of the models told us they were delighted it was the last show of the day as that meant they could keep their Minx on all night!”

Gareth Pugh

Minx co-founders Janice Jordan and Dawn Lynch-Goodwin were delighted to be part of the Gareth Pugh Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection which was shown in Paris on March 2, 2011. Leading U.K. nail stylist Marian Newman was initially contacted by the Gareth Pugh stylist, Katie Shillingford, who provided Marian with a swatch sample of the very specific waxy blue color she wanted for the show. Marian, in turn, contacted Janice and Dawn to request the custom color. “I was only able to provide Janice and Dawn with a copy of the swatch, but that was enough for them to create Minx in that exact shade,” explained Marian. “From that point, Janice, Dawn and I collaborated to develop three different nail designs revolving around the blue and gold colors central to the collection.”

A few days before the show, the designer made the decision to use the gold-framed waxy blue Minx which showed a flash of gold under the nail, giving Marian and her team plenty of time to prepare. The complete nail featured gold underneath the nail, and a perfect gold frame on three sides, giving every model immaculate, matching nails complete with Marian’s “Parisian” shape.

The day of the show, both Janice and Dawn joined Marian and her team of David Barton, Helen Lisle-Taylor, Lucy Galsworthy, and Kimberley Casey backstage to assist in nail preparation.

Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler’s Fall/Winter 2011 Collection in Paris on March 2, 2011 has rocked the world of fashion, and Minx co-founders Janice Jordan and Dawn Lynch-Goodwin were thrilled to be part of this momentous event that featured Lady Gaga on the runway.

Driven by Nicola Formichetti, the brilliant new creative director of the Thierry Mugler brand and Lady Gaga’s longtime stylist, the catwalk show made fashion history as backstage video cameras captured every second of preparation and streamed it live to both the physical audience in Paris and to a worldwide internet audience.

“This was the first time a major brand has revealed the secrets behind the magic of the runway,” said Janice, who was backstage assisting lead nail stylist, the legendary Marian Newman, and her team of Helen Lysle-Taylor, David Barton, Lucy Galsworthy, Kimberley Casey and Mirka Poikkeus.

“Including Lady Gaga really added excitement to the presentation,” added Dawn, who had also been busy adhering Minxed tips to the models for the four hours it required to prepare approximately 35 models for the runway presentation.

Marian was delighted when Nicola, with whom she has worked frequently, asked her to do the show and immediately proposed that they utilize Minx for the nail fashion. “I explained the versatility of Minx, and how Janice and Dawn will personally collaborate with him and me to create anything our imagination can dream up,” explained Marian. “If you want a totally unique concept, then there really is no other choice.”

Nicola explained to Marian that he wanted a nail form that was animalistic and cat-claw like, yet elegant. He requested two or three types of matte noir, matte nuit, matte olive, matte peach, matte Wedgewood blue and electrique blue to match the tonality of the various ensembles specific to each model. Some models used a sheer Minx matte as well. Lady Gaga wore long, pointed stiletto nails with matte black Minx with a “trashed” uneven finish achieved by stretching the Minx over the free edge of the nail and twisting.

“Once Nicola made his final decision about which Minx to use, we then had to apply them to the curved forms which was extremely easy since Minx can be applied to any shape,” explained Marian. The creation of the nails was completed during the show, as was the installation onto the models’ fingertips or, in some cases, onto the tips of their gloves. With every step captured on the live video feed, the nail stylist team was featured as an integral component.

“I’m especially pleased that Nicola agreed to use Minx for this historic show,” said Marian. “Minx Professional has revitalized the world of nail fashion and was the perfect choice to represent the future of nails in the fashion industry.”

Ashley Isham’s Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

Ashley Isham’s Fall/Winter 2011 Collection was a delightful combination of tough girl chic and elegant softness, and U.K. nail stylist David Barton collaborated closely with the designer and the brand stylist Celestine Cooney to create a combination of Minx and polish to capture both elements in the model’s nail fashion.

David started off by applying Maybelline Midnight Blue polish to all the models to represent the “toughness,” and then to soften the look, he applied a layer of Golden Lightning Minx. “Once the excess Minx was filed off, a cotton wool pad soaked in acetone was dabbed onto the nail to reveal the polish underneath,” explains David. The result was a deliciously unique textured look overlaid in gold which caught the light as the models went down the runway.

London hat maker and wig designer Charlie Le Mindu

Shocked and delighted audiences again this season with another outrageous presentation on February 20, 2011 during London Fashion Week featuring models wearing sky-high headpieces and super-long nails with custom Minx nail fashion.

Top U.K. nail stylist Marian Newman collaborated with the brand’s stylist, Anna Trevelyan, about ten days prior to the show. “Anna had a good idea already of what she wanted,” commented Marian. “She envisioned very long but flat nails in matte nude, but with a glossy blood red star to complement the detail on some of the buttons in the collection. She also wanted red tips on the nails.”

Marian remembered she had once been given Arabella Fantasy Forms, a long, flat form used to create extreme nail art, and secured the product from the distributor. Next, Marian sketched some designs for the nails to send to Anna and Charlie, and they selected two of the sketches as their favorites. Marian emailed the two sketches to Minx, asking if they could brew templates in 5 cm lengths, and the answer was yes! “In no time at all, I received an email back from Minx with style variations, and I selected the one I thought would be best.”

Two days later, Minx co-founders Janice Jordan and Dawn Lynch-Goodwin arrived in London for fashion week and personally delivered the custom Minx, along with a few alternatives, to Marian. “I couldn’t believe how quickly the Minxes made this happen,” said Marian. “And, when I took the templates directly to Anna and Charlie, they LOVED them. Job done!” In fact, Anna loved the Minx so much that she asked Marian to apply the Minx star pattern on her nails for the show.

The day before the show, Marian and her team of Adam Slee, Samantha Reybould and Lauren Reybould applied the Minx templates to the forms, and at the show it was a simple matter to adhere the forms to the models’ nails. “The collection was very beautiful and the nails played a strong part,” said Marian. “The ‘story’ of the show was somewhat controversial as it involved a lot of blood, which demonstrated how violence can so easily destroy beauty,” she explains, “ and at the end the girls dipped their hands in ‘blood’ so it dripped off the ends of the nails as a finale!” Photos by Marian Newman.

Minx(R) Adds Nail Fashion to a Fan’s Night Out!

I'm so excited to tell you that Minx®, the hottest new nail fashion straight from Hollywood, added a fun dose of style to U.S. Basketball's Miami Heat VIP crowd at the team’s Annual Premiere event at the American Airline Arena on January 25, 2011.

The extravagant fan appreciation event featured casino games and carnival performers, but also treated VIP fans to some fancy pampering thanks to the nail technicians at 1160 Hair Salon of Bay Harbour Islands, Florida, who applied special edition Minx with the Miami Heat logo to attendees.

“From the moment the doors opened we had a huge line of people eager to get Minxed,” said 1160 Hair Salon nail technician and hairstylist Christopher Perez. “Most people had heard of Minx from celebrity magazines or from television, but had not been able to try it out. We are so excited that we are now able to offer Minx in Miami, and tonight we could give everyone a chance to wear out the latest fashion while also displaying their Heat pride!”

1160 Hair Salon owner Wendy Kahn had the idea of collaborating with the Miami Heat and Minx to create the special edition Minx specifically for this event. “Since Minx is a brand new nail fashion, we also took a moment to educate people about the product,” says Kahn. “Fans were particularly excited to realize that their Minx would last through the next couple of home games.”

Over 100 fans were Minxed with the Miami Heat logo during the two-hour event, including the Miami Heat Dancers who can now claim to have something in common with fellow Minx enthusiasts Beyoncé, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga.

CoCo & Breezy

Extreme eyewear and accessories designers CoCo & Breezy offered Minx manicures to their guests at their fashion presentation on September 13, 2010. A Minx "Bar" was set up at the bar, appropriately enough, and the Polish Bar of Brooklyn applied Minx manicures to the packed crowd while CoCo & Breezy, the twin designers, selected Golden Lightning Cheetah Minx for themselves.


Minx in Japan

New York celebrity nail stylist Lisa Logan always keeps her eyes open for new opportunities. Her exciting career includes traveling with Beyoncé for on-site manicures, winning Star Magazine’s “Manicurist of the Year” award, and being one of the busiest nail stylists each New York Fashion Show season, but Lisa is not one to coast on her achievements. So, when a top Japanese nail chain called her to ask if she’d come to Japan as a celebrity nail stylist to demonstrate Minx nails during the Nail Expo Professional Nail Show, Lisa jumped at the chance ... read more

London Fashion Week

Who doesn't love Charlie Le Mindu? The super-fun and unpredictable designer wowed a packed crowd at his Spring 2011 show during London Fashion Week on September 19, and what else would the outrageous models be wearing on the catwalk but Minx™ nails!

Minx, the nail fashion sensation straight from Hollywood, collaborated with Nails at Work to create one-of-a-kind designs for the show. Models sported Yellow and Green python print and Minxlusion designs on super sharp v-point nails as they sashayed down the runway and posed for the eccentric fashionista crowd. Teresa Smith, celebrated UK nail technician and the 'Nail Professional of the Year' 2009, headed the team that applied Minx to the models for the show, and the results were simply fabulous.

Musical Minx

Rapper Vanilla Ice wore Black Minx nail fashion for his week one appearance in "Dancing On Ice," which aired on December 9, 2010 in the U.K. Nail stylist Kimberley Casey appliled Minx to Vanilla Ice as well as to other contestants.

Vanilla Ice told Kimberley he wanted an "Ozzie Osbourne Dark theme" so they chose the black Minx color, and he's looking forward to experimenting with some Minx designs in the upcoming weeks.

Rapper Vanilla Ice wore Black Minx

Men in Minx

Figure skater Johnny Weir, who is performing for three nights in Australia right now, is interviewed on the "The Hot Breakfast with Eddie McGuire" and in the middle of the interview he shows off his Minxed nails! He was Minxed in Gold Houndstooth and Tease Me Black and Gold Minx by U.S. nail stylist Melissa Bozant.

Johnny Weir, three-time U.S. National Skating Champion and "Skating with the Stars" host, sporting Golden Houndstooth Minx nails applied and photographed by LA-based celebrity manicurist Melissa Bozant.

Melissa has Minxed Johnny a number of times for his appearances on "Skating with the Stars" which announced this season's winners on December 21, 2010. Johnny Weir is the latest in a number of celebrity men who have been wearing Minx nails, including Steven Tyler from Aerosmith and Tyson Ritter of All-American Rejects.

Covergirl Minx

U.S. nail stylist Michelle Saunders Minxed Taylor Swift for the cover of the Dec. 10 issue of Entertainment Weekly, which featured the Top Entertainers of the Year. Michelle used Golden Lightning Minx for the cover shoot.

Michelle also Minxed actress Zoe Saldana with Golden Lightning earlier this year for her Glamour cover. You can find additional examples of Michelle's work at www.manikit.com and www.celestineagency.com.

Michelle Saunders Minxed Taylor Swift

NRJ Fashion Awards 2010

NRJ Fashion Awards 2010 and the Student Design Competition sponsored by Beugeot and held at Finlandia House on November 3, 2010

There were three main looks featured at the NRJ Fashion Awards Show

1. Classic: Black and White Lace Minx
2. Punk: Oilslick layered with Silver Lightning on natural nails, with a short oval shape
3. Romantic: On long nails in an oval shape

During the course of the show, the XL models wore Minxlusion Snakeskin on long nails. The male models wore MinxLusion on natural, long nails with a MinxLusion Gunmetal stiletto on the ring finger of each male model’s left hand.

Dancers wore Minx in different colors such as blue, yellow, etc., and the host, singer Anna Abreu, was Minxed with a custom design created by UK celebrity nail stylist Marian Newman to match Anna’s designer Christian Louboutin shoes.

The Royal Pink nail team provided Minx nail fashion for approximately 50 participants, and had support from makeup artist Saara Sarvas.

Photos: Saara Sarvas

The Fashion Strikes Back Avant Gala and Fundraiser

The Fashion Strikes Back Avant Gala and Fundraiser that took place on October 22 in the On Broadway Event Center, with all proceeds going to the YWCA of San Diego and Beckys House Charities for victims of violence and abuse. Minx was delighted to participate in the charity event, providing the runway models with Black and White Stripe Minx, Golden Lightning Stud Minx, Tease Me Black and Silver Minx, and other styles.

Photography by: Mark Vargas

Fashion Strikes Back Avant Gala and Fundraiser Photography by: Mark Vargas _Fashion Strikes Back Avant Gala and Fundraiser Photography by: Mark Vargas_ Fashion Strikes Back Avant Gala and Fundraiser Photography by: Mark Vargas_ Fashion Strikes Back Avant Gala and Fundraiser Photography by: Mark Vargas

Fashion Forward

Fashion Forward event held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York city, which involved many top designers with proceeds going to AIDS research and awareness.

This fashion night out featured new creations by designers Yigal Azrouel, Richard Chai, Diane Von Furstenberg, Narcisco Rodriguez, Simon Spurr and Anna Sui. The event was hosted by Tim Gunn of “Project Runway” and proceeds were directed to the fight against AIDS.

Minx nail fashion was provided for the event, and a top Nail Stylist team comprised of New York Celebrity Manicurist Lisa Logan, Dawn Sterling, Julie Kandalec and Deana Blackwell applied Minx to 26 models.

Photography by: Amy Rollo

GMHC Fashion Show with Minx Photo by Amy Rollo __ GMHC Fashion Show with Minx Photo by Amy Rollo __GMHC Fashion Show with Minx Photo by Amy Rollo

Ke$ha in Minx

Ke$ha wore Golden Lightning Minx on her fingers on November 12, 2010 in Australia for a fashion shoot with Sunday Magazine, and for a live performance on 2-Day FM's World Famous Rooftop.
Jocelyn Street, a top nail stylist in Sydney, Australia, applied Minx to Ke$ha. Jocelyn has been Minxing the artist for a number of other special events, applying Silver Lightning Minx for a recent X Factor appearance, and also selecting MinxLusion on Ke$ha’s fingers and Ruby Red Lightning on her toes.

Minx Holiday Collection Now Available!

What goes bump in the night and gives you a fright??

It's the 2010 Minx Halloween collection!!! Full of spooky monsters, crossbones and fun creepiness, our Halloween Minx templates are sure to make you shiver in your shoes! I've attached just a few low res thumbnails, but please feel free to request the full collection or to request high res images.

And, with the holiday season right around the corner, we have also posted our 2010 Christmas and Holiday Minx designs! In addition to some old favorites, Minx has added a number of fun, whimsical designs to get everyone in the spirit of the season. I've attached low resolution photos of our shimmering snowflakes, glittering Christmas tree, and a cheerful Santa that is sure to make even your Scroogiest customer smile.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Alexander McQueen Partners with Minx(R) nails for Superb Paris

Alexander McQueen Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2011 show was held on October 5, 2010 during Paris Fashion Week and designer Sarah Burton incorporated Minx® nails into a superb collection that has critics applauding.

U.K. nail stylist extraordinaire Marian Newman headed the team responsible for the Minx nail fashions, and reveals that Sarah Burton and stylist Camilla Nickerson provided a few swatches of fabric that represented the "feel" of the collection in order to assist creation of Minx that would complement the designs perfectly. Marian and Minx co-founders Janice Jordan and Dawn Lynch-Goodwin discussed some variations of Minx based on the references, and the Minx design team developed a wide variety of Minx templates in preparation for the show.

"Some of the templates created were exact reproductions of the fabrics, while others were a gold version that used the motifs of the fabric, and still other designs were a more "natural" variation that accessorised the more delicate pieces," explains Marian.

Backstage at the show, it was Camilla Nickerson who chose which Minx templates, ranging from the impactful motifs to the more subtle, low key natural designs, that each model would wear. The key designs were the delicate gold "leather" impression Minx and a leaf motif layered over a matte gold Minx base. The shape and length of the nails was to be natural, but super-maintained with an elegant but short oval shape.

Marian and her team applied the Minx straight on to the nails of some of the models, but needed to utilize false tips for some of the others in order to present the "couture" 1-2mm free edge in a perfect oval. The end result was a flawless collaboration of McQueen and Minx, with Minx using both artistry as well as technology to extend fashion to the very fingertips.

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Alexander McQueen Minx photo by Becky Maynes

Ashley Isham Minx

Ashley Isham Minx

Thierry Mugler Minx photo by Becky Maynes

Thierry Mugler Minx photo by Becky Maynes

Minx Marian Newman

Minx Marian Newman

Lady GaGa by Beck Maynes

Henrietta Ludgate photo by Raymondo Marcus

Henrietta Ludgate photo by Raymondo Marcus

Henrietta Ludgate photo by Raymondo Marcus

Gareth Pugh Minx photo by Becky Maynes

Ashley Isham in Minx

Alexander McQueen Minx photo by Becky Maynes

Minx Nails photo by Beck Maynes

Natalie Bassingthwaighte wears Minx Nails

Lady Gaga wearing Minx Nails

Pink wearing Minx Nails on the Morning Show

Carmen Electra wearing Minx Nails

Pamela Anderson wearing Minx Nails
Photo by Kimmie Kyees
Twinkle Toes wearing Minx Nails

Golden Fingers in Minx Nails

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