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The Fortnightly Fruit Peel by Homepeel
"Flawless skin is not just for the rich and famous"

Add your own fresh fruit for a DIY home skin peel first, released by Australia's Homepeel.

Australia’s skin peel specialist, Homepeel, today released a first of its kind skin peel. Simply add your own fresh fruit for a natural, gentle, refreshing peel and glowing skin.

The Fortnightly Fruit Peel ($49.95) draws on the acidic properties of the fruit as well as the nutrients they imbed. Combined with the lotion, they provide an instant and effective peel, which is nutritious and based on natural properties.

Within minutes, the fruit and lotion combination work to gently remove the upper dry, dead skin layers, revealing a fresh glowing skin with no obvious peeling.

Homepeel Director, Jodie Culpin said she is excited about bringing the Fortnightly Fruit Peel to her already successful skin peel product range. “I haven’t seen anything like this on the Australian market,” she said. “We are so proud to be bringing a skin peel product to our customers that is innovative, affordable and it works.”

Great fruit ideas to use are strawberries, kiwi fruit, blueberries or mangoes, just to name a few. Or combine a couple of your favourites to create a unique and luscious skin peel.

Long time Homepeel customer Shannon Charmers, has been given the Fortnightly Fruit Peel to try and loves the result. “I just love adding fresh strawberries to the lotion and creating a mixture for my face that feels luxurious and ignites all my senses,” she said. “Plus my skin looks fantastic afterwards. It is such a treat.”

Skin gets clogged with dead skin cells, which can make it dull and lifeless. Skin Peels are a deep form of exfoliation that removes dead skin to improve skin tone and texture. Homepeel’s Fortnightly Fruit Peel is a gentle form of skin peel which does not result in obvious peeling of the skin. It safely sheds away the outermost layers, revealing the new radiant skin beneath.

Homepeel’s fortnightly Fruit Peel retails at $49.95. For more information and product purchase visit

Homepeel’s fortnightly Fruit Peel Review

Homepeel Review Week One

The Fortnightly Fruit Peel by Homepeel kit arrived in the mail safe and sound, it comes in a small pounch, a bottle of the peel liquid, a brush, hair net and a piece of gauze and a set of instructions. I was looking forward to my first peel as I am a peel virgin. Never having had one before I wasn't too sure what to expect; apart from what Homepeel promise of course; "Within minutes, the fruit and lotion combination work to gently remove the upper dry, dead skin layers, revealing a fresh glowing skin with no obvious peeling.”

So I was up for a new brighter glowing face! I read the instructions and then bought some strawberries as apparently they are one of the best fruit to use. Step one was making up the peel. I got a cup and had to place 2 – 3 teaspoons of the peel into the cup. This would have been easy, however the bottle had one of those drip tops which are great if you only want a couple of drops, but I failed on the first count as I was so busy shaking the bottle up and down to get the drips out I lost count of how many teaspoons I had done! Then, I had to add a small amount of fruit, so I added one strawberry and mushed it into the liquid. Now, the instructions said that you should form a paste but this didn't look very paste like so I added another strawberry plus I ate one for good measure! It still wasn't very paste like, but they were lovely juicy strawberries and decided that I would rather eat the rest than put them on my face! The process did make me a bit nervous, had I got the amounts right?

Next I got my hair out of the way. I didn't use the hair net but I am sure it would have done the job. I then had to adapt the next instructions, I had to place a small amount of vasaline on the corners of my mouth and nose, as these are the sensitive areas. I couldn't find my vasaline so I used lip balm which I thought would do just as well and did, smelt good too! I did wonder about the eyes as there was no mention of that area. I decide that I might be a bit foolish to cover them in peel. So I dipped the brush in the peel and went for it painting my face avoiding the eye area. As the peel wasn't that thick my face was just a shade of light pink with the few odd small blobs of strawberries. It did feel lovely and cool when you put it on and the brush was beautfully soft. I set the timer for 5 mintues and watched carefully in the bathroom mirror. The instructions said it might tingle and if it got too much to take it off. As I stood there my husband appeared at the door and was quite horrified as he thought I was bleeding and my face was actually dissolving! I laughed and told him not to panic it was only the bits of strawberry! When the 5 minutes was up using the gauze gently scrubbed all over my face, that felt really nice. Then I washed off the peel and looked at the results wishing instantly that I'd taken a before and after shot. My forehead in particular looked really fresh, my skin felt wonderfully soft. I was truly quite amazed. I put some moisturiser on my face and that was that. For the rest of the evening I couldn't help but run my hands over my face, just to check, yes it was still there. It did peel very slightly, probably in areas I had missed with the gauze.

In the morning the first thing I did was touch my face and very relieved it was still there and still felt wonderful. Now I have to wait 2 weeks until I can peel again, I can't wait, maybe I will try a different fruit next time.

I'll let you know what happens when I try it again in two weeks time!

AllBeauty Reviewer

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