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Youthful GENErationS

A Breakthrough, Genetic Approach To Anti Aging

PO Box 3173 Hornsby NSW 2077


ageLOC Transformation

A breakthrough, genetic approach to anti aging!

The ageLOC Transformation skin care range is one of the most exciting skin care products. It is the most our most powerful anti aging skin care regimen, which reveals younger looking skin - 8 ways in 7 days.

It also won the 'Best New Product of the Year for 2010'.

The ageLOC skincare range is available in two kits:

ageLOC Elements include a combined cleanser/toner, a day moisturizer with sunscreen and a transforming night cream.

ageLOC Transformation includes the products in the ageLOC Elements and includes the ageLOC Future Serum.

The ageLOC Future Serum has been clinically tested to transform the skin in the following ways during a 12 week study.

1. Youthful skin structure - improved 66%
2. Skin smoothness - improved 62%
3. Even skin tone - improved 70%
4. Improves appearance of fine lines and wrinkles - improved 59%
5. Increases radiance - improved 73%
6. Reduced pore size - improved 51%
7. Reduces skin discolouration (spots) - improved 56%
8. Increases hydration - improved 71%


I just love the ageLOC Transformation products. Since I've been using them my friends have commented on how soft and radiant my skin looks. I love the feel of the products and apply them each day, without fail! Kerri Pottharst, triple Olympian and Motivational Speaker

ageLOC R2

A breakthrough, genetic approach to anti aging!

Vitality is the state of being strong and being full of energy. Loss of physical energy, reduced mental clarity and the lack of a sexual drive are very common signs of aging - and this is what we call the loss of vitality or lethargy. Many people complain about looking older or feeling older.

As we age, our energy levels can decrease and we tend to get tired more quickly and more often, we have less stamina and resistance to fatigue - we just cannot do what we used to! Our mental clarity also begins to decrease and there are slight changes in the way we think - the time it takes to solve problems and it also becomes more difficult to make calculations, learn new skills, remember names, or even find the car keys!

Studies also show, that sexual drive dramatically declines with age. Approximately 66% of women and 37% of men find a decrease in their libido.

In today's world, many people rely on quick sugar fixes to get them through the day. These types of stimulants can have harsh highs and lows and become less effective the more you use them. These types of fixes do not address the source and can dramatically add to our waistline.

As we age, our bodies' ability to effectively generate and utilize energy declines, which may rob us of youthful vitality.

ageLOC R2 Day

Taken in the morning, ageLOC R2 Day optimises cellular energy production to help you recharge and take control of a new day.

ageLOC R2 Night

Taken in the evening, ageLOC R2 Night optimises each cell's natural process of purification, helping you start each day feeling refreshed and renewed.

Why not try some ageLOC R2 today!


"Taking ageLOC R2 has changed the way I am able to perform in so many ways. I am awake with so much more energy and am finding that I simply do not get tired during the day. I am also finding that I think more clearly and am able to focus in ways I have not been able to for years. I have never experienced a product like ageLOC R2 - I love it!" Product Distributor

Nutritional Products

The key to anti aging is not only what we put on our bodies, but also what we put in them - we need to be healthy on the inside to look healthy on the outside!

We have a range of key supplements that assist in cell protection, energy & stamina, heart health, immune support, mood support, women's health, bone and joints and memory.

Our Biophotonic Scanner is the world's first immediate, non-invasive method of measuring overall carotenoid antioxidant activity. It has also been featured on the Dr Oz Show!

It takes 90 seconds to measure how healthy you are on the inside and gives you a score. Then you take our nutritional supplements for 90 day on ADR and get scanned again. If your score does not increase, you will get your money back!

Why not contact me to get scanned and see what this can do for you?

"Everyone should use the Biophotonic Scanner to learn about their SKIN CAROTENOID SCORE. Once you have your score, work to increase it and maintain it with a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and vitamin supplements." Lester Packer - PhD, the father of Antioxidants and member of our Scientific Advisory Board


ageLOC is a breakthrough, genetic approach to anti aging!

We know that exposure to the sun and pollutants can cause free radical damage and accelerated aging but even many who try to avoid the aging effects of the sun, still feel they may be showing more signs of aging than they should. So what is it that makes some people look naturally young for their age?

In a scientific breakthrough, we have discovered a previously unknown internal source of aging, this source of internal aging is capable of generating free radicals in the epidermis around the clock. So unlike exposure to the sun, there is nowhere to hide from these damaging effects. More free radicals can mean more damage to your skin-which causes lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, discolouration and hyper-pigmentation, many of the visible effects of aging.

Only we have the exclusive technology to target that source of aging, helping you control your skin's genetic destiny and promote younger looking skin.

We have a range of products that include ageLOC:

ageLOC Galvanic Spa
ageLOC Galvanic Body Spa
ageLOC Transformation Skin Care Range
ageLOC Vitality R2 - world's first anti aging and energy supplement!
ageLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra - COMING SOON! Clinically tested to return your elastin production back to a youthful level

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