What Gets Rid of Sun Spots


I have spent too much time in the sun through my life and now have sun spots all over my arms and legs. Is there anything that will get rid of them and also stop more from appearing?

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Hi, My advice is to use Organic Coconut Oil! You can find it in the supermarket or health store! I talk a lot more about it on my blog! Good luck

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Our ageLOC Transformation Skin care system can help you. It is the most powerful anti ageing skin care regimen that reveals younger looking skin 8 ways in 7 days. It also won "Best new product" for 2010. The future serum third party study results are: 1. Youthful skin structure - 66% improvement 2. Skin smoothness - 62% improvement 3. Even skin tone - 70% improvement 4. Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles - 59% improvement 5. Increases radiance - 75% improvement 6. Reduces pore size - 51% improvement 7. Reduces skin discolouration / spots - 56% 8. Increases hydration - 71% It is one of my favourite products! Please call to discuss!

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Hi, We've had good success with the Jeunesse Luminesce serum, day and night creams, for minimising the severity of age spots, and also reducing the appearance of new ones. We'd be happy to discuss with you further, if you'd like to get in touch with us. Sarah.

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