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Vitamin Shower

Vitamin Shower protects both health and beauty for you and your family

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Vitamin Shower

Vitamin Shower protects both health and beauty for you and your family

Don't want to replace your shower head?

Try the Vitamax Universal Filters start your beauty routine in the shower - everyday.

Why should I use the Vitamin Shower?

By removing the chlorine from your shower water with the vitamin C shower filter from Vitamin Shower you can reduce the risk of exposure to this poisonous chemical and also its toxic vapours. Vitamin C is a safe and non-toxic de-chlorination method as it fully neutralises chlorine and chloramines from your shower water, and provides additional nutrients for your skin and hair.

  • The chlorine in your shower water can strip your skin and hair of natural oils. The vitamin C shower filter from Vitamin Shower filters out the chlorine, providing a pure water shower that leaves your hair soft, shiny and manageable and alleviates dry skin conditions.

  • For colour treated hair - your colour will last longer.

  • Many of the major cosmetic companies use vitamin C as a key ingredient in their 'anti-aging' skin preparations. By using a vitamin C shower filter, collagen production may be stimulated, decreasing wrinkle depth.

  • It may also have a lightening effect on pigmentation.

The Problem

Many people understand the benefits of filtering their drinking water, but the same can not really be said for using a shower filter. Chlorine chemicals used to treat our water supply can be far more readily absorbed into the skin when showering compared to consumption whilst drinking. This chemical during a shower not only absorbs into our skin as the pores open up with the hot water, but the steam and chlorine gas is also damaging when breathed in. Chlorine whilst so beneficial in controlling the bacteria in our water supply, its existence after the end of the tap is where the damage begins. Chorine strips away the natural oils present on the skin and hair, causing dry skin, brittle and frizzy hair, and then progressively worsening skin conditions such as eczema. Other health issues also can arise such as asthma and irritation of the eyes etc.

From a beauty point of view, women regularly spend considerable money and time to treat their skin and hair, yet every day undo or damage their skin unknowingly by showering in water laced with chlorine that is extremely toxic at a low rate.

The Solution

Vitamin Shower

Using a shower filter has been proven to eliminate this chlorine and therefore provide a pure and softer water to shower with.

The Vitamin-C Shower is an anti-oxidant and neutralizes the Chlorine , providing a pure water shower that leaves your hair soft, shiny, manageable, and for colour treated hair, the colour will last longer. Vitamin-C shower also alleviates dry or itchy skin conditions, and has proven helpful for anyone suffering from Eczema.

This slightly acidic water is beneficial to the skin which is naturally acidic. Many soaps and shampoos are typically alkaline and therefore can also negatively affect the skin, causing increased use of moisturizer to battle this condition.

A Vitamin Shower uses natural vitamin C powder contained in a see through cartridge, allowing you to monitor its use. Cosmetic companies already use the power of Vitamin-C as a key ingredient in anti-aging skin preparation. By using a Vitamin-C shower collagen production may be stimulated, decreasing wrinkle depth, it may also have a lightening effect on skin pigmentation.

Vitamin Shower provides a range of 3 very stylish showerheads with the Vitamin-C cartridge built into the handle. Our shower heads are 3 star WELS rated, the highest level so your shower is not only beauty and health friendly it is also eco friendly and saves you money on your water bill.

Already happy with your current shower head?, Vitamin Shower also provides a Vitamax Universal filter to fit most existing showerheads.

Each shower filter cartridge lasts approximately 10,000 litres and therefore an average of 6-8 weeks for 2 people showering 5-10 minutes a day. Extra cartridges are available in Packs of 5.

All the range of showers and universal shower filters are available on our website.

Vitamin Shower, protecting health and beauty one shower at a time.

All Beauty Review

As I already had a hand held shower it was an easy procedure to unscrew my old shower head from the hose and attach the new shower head complete with Vitamin C filter but to tell the truth I was skeptical when approached to test the product, I had never heard of Vitamin C showers or problems with chlorine in shower water. Was it possible that it could really make a difference? Like many others I had never given much thought to the water that I showered in. People often talk about drinking water and conversations turn to the benefits or otherwise of additives like chlorine and fluoride but not in relation to how it may or may not affect your skin.

The shower head itself works efficiently and after only a few days using the Vitamin C filter I found myself a convert. My skin actually does feel softer and as someone who suffers from eczema and is susceptible to skin irritations I have found that this too has improved and I am currently rash-free.

My hair has a life of its own and I can't say for sure that it is any more manageable - it is probably too soon to tell, but I remain hopeful and I'm also waiting to see if it will lengthen the duration of my hair colour.

The success of the Vitamin C shower impressed me enough to do some research and I have come across various mentions of its growing use for large scale dechlorinisation especially in regard to water treatment that is actually beneficial for the environment in general and fish in particular where Vitamin C is found to boost their immune system.

So all in all it seems like a great idea for the individual and for the environment!

Review by Rosemary - AllBeauty.com.au Product Reviewer

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