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The Sauna King

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1168 South Rd Clovelly Park SA 5042

0411 667 351

The Sauna King is an importer and distributor of infrared saunas in Australia. As a nationwide distributor The Sauna King is happy to work with all people, whatever your requirements.

What are the Main Features?
Dual Controls
Cedar wood

All Sauna King infrared cabins are expertly finished in a first rate selected cedar wood. It comes from the core of the tree and is completely inert. Cedar wood is the best choice for an Infrared cabin because it optimally reflects the Infrared C radiation. Everybody knows the lovely scent of cedar wood which also disinfects and has expectorant properties.

In contrast to a traditional Finnish sauna, an Infrared cabin can be easily installed. The low power (from 1650 watts) permits the use of the normal power supply with a normal fuse. This is not only a practical advantage but also keeps the energy factor very low.

Sauna King Infrared cabins are compact and stylish so they suit any interior. They allow easy assembly and dismantling and so can be moved without problem. The cabins are completely maintenance free. It is sufficient to clean the bench and the interior with a damp sponge every now and then to keep your cabin in top condition. The exterior is smartly finished with a durable layer of lacquer so it looks like a stylish piece of furniture.

Each cabin is equipped with a least one rounded top bench, ventilation in the ceiling, reading lamp and cup holders. A dual digital controller enables perfect control of the time and temperature and comes with an internal safety device that switches on when the settings are exceeded.

This is all CE approved and has a 5 year guarantee.

Your safety and trust are always of utmost importance to us.

What are the Main Benefits?

Weight loss
Skin Tone
Pain Relief
Increases Circulation
Cholesterol Removal
Boosts Immune System
Normalizes Blood Pressure
Fibromyalgia Pain Relief
Removes Cellulite and Cleanses Skin
Reduces Stress and Fatigue
Speeds Healing to Cuts and Bruises
Reduces Swelling and Inflammation Improves Joint Stiffness

Sauna King has offices and sales throughout Australia - Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Perth and the Sunshine Coast

Call or visit our website to find out the nearest retail office to you.

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