The Truth about Breast Augmentation

Author: Dr Lanzer
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Are you considering increasing a cup size or two or even undergoing a breast reduction? Well these breast procedures are one of the most common trends among women currently.

Here are few common myths about Breast Augmentation, according to Dr Lanzer, (a Leading Cosmetic Surgeon and Dermatologist in Australia). Dr Lanzer’s Clinic is a world-class treatment centre offering Breast Augmentation, among various other cosmetic treatments. Dr Lanzer offers excellent surgical patient care and support at an affordable cost. Breast augmentation procedure is available from $6000 (subject to the individual patient).

Are Breast implants only for women who would like to make their cup size bigger?

Actually no, there are many reasons for breast implants. In most cases, breast implants are there to increase the size of women’s breasts, as many patients want to increase their size in cup. The size can be chosen with the surgeon in proportion to patient’s height, weight and body frame.  Another factor is the aging process, making your breasts look firm and shapely is very popular these days. Another reason could be reconstructive surgery. This is usually after illness (like cancer) and in most cases, will restore the form and fullness to the breasts.

Will sensation will be lost if you have Breast Implants?

Loosing sensation in the breasts is another false belief surrounding breast augmentation. The chance of sensation loss after a breast augmentation is really low to non-existent. A good surgeon will always tell you what way to go and the options you have. Fact of the matter is, a good surgeon will not perform the surgery if they believe there is a chance there will be a loss of sensation in the breasts after breast augmentation.

Even though breast reduction is an entire different matter, the same principle does apply here. A breast reduction will not cause a loss of sensation in the breasts and is a completely safe procedure.

Do Breast augmentation procedures require a lot of time off work?

Another mistaken belief is time off after the breast augmentation procedure. Breast augmentation requires a minimum amount of aftercare. The patient will also get a special bra to wear for the week after surgery.

In the first few weeks after the surgery, your breast may appear slightly swollen, but will not provide you with any discomfort. After some time your breasts will fall in a natural position and the swelling will disappear.

For most breast augmentation procedures, the patient can go home that very same day, although some surgeons will require you to stay overnight. In short, the entire process is a lot less intense and time consuming than most people think.

Will having the procedure in Thailand or overseas will be cheaper in the long run?

A lot of patients start looking for deals for their breast augmentation. However, you cannot cut back on your health or your safety. Getting breast implants in Thailand may seem attractive at first, but they do come with quite a number of disadvantages.<

Many people who have had breast augmentation overseas tend to end up in surgery again. They start to encounter problems such as primary infections and poor wound closures.

Having your breast augmentation in the country you live in is definitely more beneficial and safer. Patients get a high level of aftercare and can always consult their surgeon afterwards if they have any questions or concerns. Breast augmentation should not be a difficult or uncomfortable process, so getting your breast augmentation in your residing city is recommended.

Do implants make it a lot more problematic to detect breast cancer?

On the contrary! Many women think that breast implants will make detecting abnormalities in their breasts a lot harder. However, this is far from the truth. This makes it easier to detect any lumps. After a certain period of time, you will get used to your breast and will notice changes without any trouble. Getting familiar with your new breasts is an essential part of detecting abnormalities. For that very reason, surgeons will provide you with the most natural result. That way you will not only feel good on the outside, but also on the inside.

Another very popular procedure performed by Dr Lanzer is Liposuction.

Liposuction is used by a lot of people in order to help achieve a superior body contour. A procedure of cosmetic surgery, liposuction is the process of removing excess deposits of fat from those less than flawless areas of the body. Predominant areas treated are the face, neck, arms, male breasts, abdomen, love-handles, hips, back, thighs, tummy, chest, knees and calves.

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