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Make uneven, streaky or patchy tans GO with tanGO

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Designed in Australia by West Australian spray tan technician Jodi Bibra, and distributed in Australia exclusively through Summaglo/AVIVA LABS, tanGO is the world's first spray and self tan removal cloth, NO harsh chemicals, just add water! The polyamide cloth gently removes the tanning pigment from the surface of your skin without harsh scrubbing or the use of chemicals.

Women and men of all ages have always struggled with not only trying to keep their sunless tans fresh and flawless, but prevent build-up from multiple tans. Finally with tanGO you can remove tanning errors and avoid build-up from repeated tanning!

"I'm a confirmed 'tanaholic', and during my time in the industry I have heard many horror stories about sunless tans going wrong," says Jodi. "With this in mind I decided it was time to create a solution to removing sunless tans in a safe and easy way without using harsh chemicals or scrubbing your skin until it's red raw! I am passionate about keeping people out of our harsh Australian sun. I believe the look of being bronzed is here to stay, so we need to provide the best and safest alternative to tanning. I am proud to supply a great, reusable product in tanGO that ensures self tanning can be fun, flawless and not so scary!"

tanGO removes tanning errors and helps keep your tan looking perfect for longer. It is the first cloth designed to remove pigment-based tans such as sunless or spray tans, which is why Summaglo/AVIVA LABS co-owner Narelle Moyle fell in love with it:

"At Summaglo we have used other tan removal products which were either harsh on the skin, or chemically based. When we were introduced to tanGO we used it once and we were sold!!" States Narelle.

"We work with and distribute AVIVA LABS sunless tanning products whose motto is "Beauty Today. Health for Life" and tanGO absolutely fits this mantra. It does not contain chemicals, alcohols or rely on harsh fibres to 'erase' the tan, which really reinforces our Beauty Today. Health for Life motto. And the fact that it's reusable, in some cases up to 2 years, means we are offering our clients and stockists an affordable product of the highest quality."

But how does tanGO work?

tanGO is the perfect solution we have all been waiting for! It is as easy as WET ME, SQUEEZE ME, RUB ME.

There are many exfoliating products available on the market. The difference with tanGO is how gentle it is. It will not scratch your skin yet will evenly remove your tan.

After your shower, make sure your tanGO cloth is damp but not too wet. Starting with your ankles and feet, rub with a firm upwards motion. Continue with hips, arms and elbows followed by the rest of the body. Be gentle on the decolletage areas.

The result? No more orange hands and feet, just a perfect flawless tan.

How often can I use my tanGO?

You can use your tanGO in the shower with shower gel or soap on a daily basis. The wetter your tanGO, the less tan it will remove. Be sure to remember to be gentle with your tanGO and remember not to use on open cuts or wounds.

For occasional tanners, the life expectancy from your tanGO can be up to 2 years, however for the more prolific tanner, you could expect to replace your tanGO within 3-6 months.

For more information on the tanGO tan removal cloth, please visit the website. For more information on stockists, please call 1300 363 144.


10 reasons to choose tanGO Tan Removal Cloth for your Salon

1: Gentle on the skin though is extremely effective at removing sunless tan without harsh scrubbing.
What this means for your client is they will no longer have to scrub there skin red raw with harsh products to remove un-wanted tan .tanGO is hypo- allergenic.

2: Perfect to remove build up in between tans.
Great for clients who love to tan every week, these clients struggle to remove constant build up. tanGO is amazing in those hard to reach places, belly button, ankles behind the base of the neck. Serious spray tanners can now remove tan gently.

3: tanGO has the ability to control how much tan you want to remove.
tanGO is a unique product, the wetter the cloth the less tan it removes. The drier the more tan it will take off. Clever and multi purpose!

4: tanGO is the perfect product to prepare your skin for a tan.
As tanGo is so gentle it will not change the Ph of you skin. This means you don't need to wait for hours after exfoliating (as you do with other products) before applying your tanning product. The secret to a flawless tan is removing the last flawless tan

5: tanGO is safe to use if you are having any IPL treatments.
IPL is ineffective when sunless tan is on your client's skin. tanGO is gently enough to remove tan build up without breaking the skins surface which allows the operator to still use IPL.

6: tanGO is an easy add on sale
One in three women use a sunless tanning product. So any client who is either purchasing sunless product to use at home or coming in for a spray tan is a perfect candidate for tanGo .tanGo is unique to the market and clients love a product which is going to make sunless tanning failsafe.

7: tanGO has a great mark-up
You can generate up to 60 % per unit .This means you can increase you profit per tanning client.

8: tanGO is reusable
tanGO can last your clients up to 6 months so it's a very affordable environmentally friendly option.

9: tanGO has an amazing media campaign
Clients are already familiar with tanGO Tan Removal Cloth. Eighty percent of tanGO's website hits are clients looking for stockists. tanGo has recently featured in Vogue, Good Health and Grazia.

10: TanGO is an Australian owned company.
As a salon owner you will have first class service and quick delivery. We have a representative in every State ready to help with any queries you may have... We have great web support which is easy for you or your clients to source.

As tanGO grows as a brand it shows us that more people are willing to use the safer UV free option to achieve a bronzed look. As the sunless market increases, we could also see a decrease in skin cancers. This is an exciting vision for our future. Enjoy

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