Review 808 Dude

Author: Lifesytes Reviewer
AllBeauty Australia Australia

Name of the product: 808 dude
Rating 4
Pros: effective, pleasant aroma, fast acting.
Cons: sticky feeling on skin .
After testing the 3 products (body wash & shampoo, face wash and deodorant). Body wash and shampoo / face wash both worked effectively and performed as outlined on packaging. Hair did not feel greasy or left with any problems on scalp. Any acne that was present was quickly taken away by the face wash. However both the body wash/shampoo and face wash left skin feeling a little bit \"sticky\" no matter the amount of rinsing. I wasn\'t a huge fan of the aroma of the deoderant but I did feel \'refreshed\'. The Products were enjoyable to use as they contain natural ingredients and despite the \"sticky\" feeling they did leave me feeling refreshed.
Conclusion: All in all they were effective and natural , apart from a few minor issues I would definitely use 808 dude products again.

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