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Pole Fitness Studios

Pole Fitness Studios Sydney Australia

193 Canterbury Rd Canterbury NSW 2193


PFS is an easy to learn fitness program designed to accelerate Stretching and Strength Building by using simple Hanging methods including...

Spinning, Handstands, Cartwheels, Wrapping, Flipping, and many styles of Climbing, plus loads more...

The PFS recipe will give you a complete understanding, allowing you to easily combine any of the 100s of pole exercises available and develop your natural ability!

Experience fun and interesting ways to achieve...
- Weight loss & Toning
- Muscle Growth
- Flexibility Enhancement
- Core Strengthening
- Posture Control
- Joint Strengthening
- Increased Bone Density
- Increased Muscle Endurance and Stamina
- Balance & Co-ordination Enhancement
- Self Confidence
- Comprehensive Workout for every single muscle in your body
- Save Workout Time

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