Naju Angel Skincare

Author: Lifesytes Reviewer
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Name of the product: Naju Angel Skin Care
Rating 4
Lovely fragrance and creams easily absorb into skin. The Hand Lotion worked to improve my skin in just one use and I was pleasantly surprised the skin on the backs of my hands (and my partners) were softer than usual the next day.
Two of the four products made to be used for the face were a bit rich for my skin. The Milky cleanser would be better for someone with drier skin, and I did not want to use it more than twice as it made my face feel oily

The delightful fragrance of these products invites you to try them on your skin. The essential oils in each are balanced, not overpowering and smell natural. The Hand Lotion (rosemary and lavender) was the best as an overall product because it absorbs well, leaves no greasy residue, and improved skin texture and softness in just a few days when used nightly. The Milky Cleanser had a divine fragrance, but too rich to use on my face. The Replenishing Mask when used overnight on the face worked well to improve moisture and appearance of skin. The Angel Moisturiser was good for dry bits such as elbows and knees, and I even used it on my feet one evening for great results. It appeared to be a slight reaction of ingredients in this cream as there was some slight fluffiness in texture. However the cream still worked and applied evenly, as did all of them.
Conclusion: Those looking for skincare products based on aromatherapy will like these creams. I highly recommend the Hand Lotion which would be suitable to use for all skin types.

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