Naju Angel Skincare

Author: Lifesytes Reveiwer
AllBeauty Australia Australia

Rating 4 out of 5
natural product
Essential oils

The cleanser does not remove mascara but does clean the face well. I tried the sensitive skin moisturiser and didn\'t love the smell, then
I tried the moisturiser for normal skin and its wonderful - the smell is great very lemony and feels wonderful on my skin. The hand cream is great too - I have used it for my feet as well and the rough skin has improved. I had to use a spatula to get products out but I\'m assuming these jars were the tester size. Very strange experience as I wanted to love the first 2 I tried, then tried the one for normal skin and it\'s wonderful even though I know I have sensitive and dry skin - very surprising.

I would use the moisturiser for normal skin again - quite strange as I have never had normal skin so that has really impressed me

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