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Pigmentation basically means skin colouring. The colour of human skin can have varied ranges - from skin of a very light tone, such as pinkish or reddish white allowing the visibility of the blood vessels or through to very dark skin with high levels of melanin. It is melanin that is likely to determine the skin colour, with some skin disorders related to skin pigmentation seeing an increase or reduction in melanin and corresponding changes in skin colour.


Pigmentation treatments are quite common these days. For those who experience skin pigmentation problems, the pigmentation removal techniques have had significant improvements over time and people can obtain near permanent solutions rather than using only temporary treatments to remove pigmentation. One of the most popular pigmentation removal treatments nowadays involves the use of lasers.

Lasers have by far been the most potent treatment for skin pigmentation. This is likely to remain that way as the advancements that are made in laser treatment methods are further developed and this option becomes an ever more suitable one for treatment.

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