What We Do:

Beauty Salons
Skin Treatments

Our Specialities:

Beauty - Body Treatments
Beauty - Exfoliation
Beauty - Eyelashes/brows
Beauty - Facials
Beauty - Make-up Artistry
Beauty - Waxing
Hair - Colour
Beauty - Laser Treatments
Nails - Manicures

JOI Pure

JOI Pure - Natural and Organic Skin and Body Care

31 Tarbenian Way Brigadoon WA

08 9296 3891

JOI Pure products work in harmony with your body, enhancing and nurturing your skinís natural ability to maintain health, vitality and youthfulness. Their products help to nourish, strengthen and rejuvenate your skin, revitalise your body and revive your mind.

JOI Pure products care for your skin without harmful chemicals. They do not use petro-chemicals or derivatives, propylene glycol, polyethylene glycols, synthetic colours or fragrances, sulphates, synthetic emulsifiers, chemically derived preservatives, lanolin, animal products or animal testing. Such substances can not only adversely affect your skin but also your short and long term health.

JOI Pure is proudly accredited with Choose-Cruelty Free Ltd. as a cruelty-free company against animal testing in any way. All products carry the Bunny Logo; Not Tested on Animals.

JOI pure is committed and uncompromising in their mission to provide a truly pure, natural and organic range of genuine aromatherapy products that work in harmony with your body and are free from harmful and toxic chemicals.

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