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Mind Mechanics director and Clinical Hypnotherapist/Trainer Judi Gurd-Chapman says “You can only really have lasting confidence the kind of permanent, effortless confidence that becomes a part off who you are when you locate and remove the beliefs that make you doubt yourself”. Ultimate confidence can be easily found with effective cutting edge hypnotic language techniques. Judi says “Your inner mind is the most powerful force there is; and there are much more amazing ways to use your brain waves”.

If you want to succeed in all aspects of your life relationships, your job, your social life and improve your self esteem and confidence in all situations then the first step is to learn how to change. Changing what you link pain and pleasure to and choosing what to link pain and pleasure to will change your whole life. (©Ultimate confidence, Marisa Peer)

You can weaken any motivating idea-any feeling, attitude, or belief by ceasing to act in the ways that reinforces it. For example; you want success in your life yet you worry, think about and almost expect failure. To achieve success, confidence and unshakable belief in yourself you have to install the pattern that defending yourself will increase fear; taking chances will diminish it.

Since our greatest need is to be accepted and our greatest fear is to be rejected, many of us avoid pain by avoiding situations where we could be rejected. One of the best lessons to learn in life is to stop fearing rejection. The only risk in life is to not take the risk!

Take action to re-activate, re-claim, re-create and re-generate your great life!

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