Facing Off the Winter

Author: Shikha Mehrotra
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The need for proper skin care
Why choose salon quality
The effects of winter on the
Skin The need for in salon treatments
As we are facing the cold winter months, we need to take care of skin along with our health. We all know you need warmer clothes to protect our body from the cold winter air; the same rule applies with changing your skin care to suit the winter months. As the skin on our face battles daily with cold winds, air conditioning, hot showers and lack of Vitamin D we need extra protection and nourishment to keep our skin strong and youthful.
There a thousands of choices in skin care that are available to the average consumer, but what is right and what is wrong when choosing your skin care. A professional skin therapist is the first step in choosing correct skin products. Most salons and beauty clinics offer free skin consultations and advice on what to use for your particular skin type, and the correct products. A lot of your supermarket variety brands, which some can be quite costly, are filled with irritants, harmful chemicals and additives that make up bulk of the product and the left over may be a minimal amount of ingredients that your skin could benefit from. Salon quality products are most beneficial as the ingredients are much more concentrated, ingredients are of high quality, there is no nasties hidden in the products that can actually add damage to the skin, and overall they are suited to your skins needs.
Once you have the correct skin care regime, you can then benefit from regular skin treatments or skin peels that can improve the appearance of many different issues such as broken capillaries, pigmentation, lack lustre skin tone, dry and flaky skin, rosacea – and much more. When you have a salon professional treatment, you are receiving stronger, more concentrated products used on your skin that will compliment the skin care you are on at home. It can fast track results to getting you a clearer more even skin that will boost your confidence and faith in why you should choose salon quality.
There is absolutely no doubt that your skin can be improved by correct skin choices both in the treatment room and in home care products, especially in the winter months when your skin needs the most protection and strengthening. So if you haven’t adopted a proper skin care regime under professional instruction, then now would be the best time to begin your path to a clearer, stronger, youthful looking skin.

Some Ingredients those are most beneficial throughout the winter months:
Hyaluronic Acid – gives skin the ability to retain more water within the skin, hydration is important especially in winter
Vitamin C – salon quality Vitamin C is an important antioxidant to keep skin strong and rejuvenated
Canadian Willow Herb – A great soothing ingredient to help calm irritated skin
Green Tea Extract – Another great antioxidant to help strengthen and protect the skin
Lactic Acid- A great AHA to use on the skin to help with dryness and flakiness, will dissolve the dead skin build up that can lead to blocked pores and dull skin

Author Bio:
Shikha Mehrotra -aromatherapist has been in beauty and spa industry since 1998, specializing in aromatherapy, Ayurvedic beauty and skin care Sydney. Shikha co-founded the AYURVE concept and enjoys writing about beauty, spa treatments and products. Click here visit Ayurve Skin care

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