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Face Friend

All Skin Type, All Purpose Make Up Wipes

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Practicing natural skin care means taking care of your skin without the use of substances that are unhealthy.

The majority of commercial skin care products contain petroleum products such as petroleum jelly, mineral oil, baby oil and preservatives. These store-bought lotions, creams and skin care products end up clogging our skin pores.

Pores are tiny passages for oil that is produced in sebum glands to reach the surface of the skin. There are approximately 300,000 oil glands in human skin, the highest concentration being on the face.

The oil forms a protective layer over the skin that prevents moisture loss and helps to keep the skin soft and resilient. Keeping pores clean using natural skin care is the first thing you need to do if you want to make them less noticeable and prevent their size increase.

Face Friend is a tightly compressed non woven rayon cloth. It is activated by adding a cap full of water or facial cleanser. Simply add your preferred face cleanser and face friend will activate to be used instantly.

It is Gentle and soft on the skin and can be used with Hot water to open the skins pores to remove dirt easier than standard wipes. The result is a deeper cleans without compromising your skin.

Face Friend can solely be used with water to remove make up or to refresh the skin.

Within any beauty salon the customer experience is paramount, enhance your customer service with this amazing handy wipe, by adding a new dimension to your business process and increase your customerís memory.

Efficiently, Face Friend is single use; it is 100% biodegradable so you wonít feel guilty on polluting Mother Nature. There is no need for messy re-packed wet towels which are very expensive and say goodbye to weak and tacky tissues.

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