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Anti Ageing , where Science meets Nature.
No parabens, no harmful ingredients used in our skin care.
Results within one week.

Dicharitzi Clini-SNAP8 Renovage DNA Serum

Immediate Results

'Anti Ageing where it Begins' at the Cellular Level within DNA.

Dicharitzi created 'Clini-SNAP8 Renovage DNA Serum' with the Active Ingredient Renovage, able to Act as a Cell Facilitator and Corrector.
Perfect for Individuals who need Fast Result (e.g. preparing for Wedding or any Ceremony that you do not have too Long time to wait for Conventional Therapy)

Dicharitzi Elite HA-Matrixyl3000+SNAP8 Anti Wrinkle Lifting

Provides a Three Way Solution for Anti Wrinkle Effect

You may Expect Results within only One week of Continuous Use

When you are Thinking about Having Botox but are afraid of the Side Effects it could have, or Just do Not like being Injected, then this is your Product.

Dicharitzi Elite HA-Matrixyl3000+Snap8 Anti Wrinkle and Lifting Serum can also Enhance the Effect of Botox.

Dicharitzi PhytoCellTec Stem Cell Serum

Boosts the production of Human Skin Stem Cells, Protects Human Skin Stem Cells from stress, thus decreasing Wrinkles and producing younger, fresher looking Skin.

Dicharitzi created 'PhytoCellTec Stem Cell Serum' with PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica - the first Plant Stem Cell Active for Skin Stem Cell Protection with Proven Efficacy.
Genetically Replace the Structure that was Lost or Damaged by Natural and Environmental Process. This Product is an Innovative Breakthrough in the Science of Skin Care.

Dicharitzi Elite Defence & Lifting Solution SPF 30

With 30% Marine Collagen & Astaxanthin

Where Science Meets Nature


What is Astaxanthin

Astanxanthin is the Most Neglected Ingredient ever!

Dicharitzi is proud to offer you the possibility to use the most Powerful Natural Anti Oxidant currently known for Topical Application.

Clinical Studies at Creighton University demonstrated that Astaxanthin can remove giveaway Radicals

6000 times more effectively than Vitamin C
800 times more than CoQ10
550 times more than Vitamin E
75 times more than Alpha Lipoic Acid
20 times more than Beta-Carotene

Dicharitzi Elite Peptide All Eye Recovery

Eye creams are All About Peptides

Dicharitzi created 'Elite Peptide All Eye Recovery' solution for:

Fine Lines
Fatique Eye Muscles
Dark Puffy Circles in the Eye area
Collagen-Elastin Loss Resulting in Saggy Muscles

Dicharitzi HA-Medic Acne Solution Day & Night

Anti-Irritation with Hyaluron

Dicharitzi HA-Medic Acne Solution Day & Night is a Medical Grade Formula, to address the Issues of Acne Breakouts and Inflammatory Skin Conditions.

Dicharitzi Intracellular Bionic Phytolift Anti Acne C-Serum

With Swiss Apple Cells

A High Performance Lifting Product especially for Acne Skins

Dicharitzi created 'Intracellular Bionic Phytolift Anti Acne C-Serum' solution

Dicharitzi MDI-Sensitive Repair System

Anti Wrinkle for Rosacea Skin

Improve Skin Clarity and Brighteness.
Fortified with Hyalcross processed Vitamin that has the same Molecular Weight as the Skin's Natural Vitamin.
Enhancing Speedy Delivery and Recovery from Damage.

Detailed Description
With Daily Sun Exposure, the Activity of these Enzymes increases, effecting the Health of our ExtraCellular Matrix.
To Ensure maximum Restoration of Skin back to Health, we incorporated Natural Skin Brighteners, Vitamins and Antioxidants in this Product as a Two in One product.
Now 'MDI-Sensitive Repair System' can effectively Reduce the Appearance of:

Facial Spider Veins
Protect the Cells from Free Radical damage
Prevents Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Age Spots
Protect against Induced Skin Irritation

Dicharitzi Organic Kelp High Performance Mask

Boost Your Hydration by 363%
Bleaching Benefits

This is your Spa Treatment at Home
This Cream Mask Restores, instantly Soothes and gives instantly Brightful Lifted and Bleaching Results.

Dicharitzi Organic Kelp High Performance Mask Moisturizes to help increase Skins Collagen and Elastin by the Action of Most Stable Vitamin C derivative.

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