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Colon Hydrotherapy / Irrigation

Colon Hydrotherapy / Irrigation

48 Golf Pde Rye VIC 3941

61 4 0735 0340

The Colon Irrigation Unit comes with -

- Unit A - The Lounge - a purpose built bed made from hygienic white fibreglass. This has the plumbing built into the area between the legs, it also has a fan to eliminate odours. The bed is angled for optimum use during the colonic. The knees are bent for comfort.

- Unit B - The Tower - this houses the filters, temperature gauges, valves for direction of flow, timers, header tank for gravity feed, Hand held cleaning shower viche head, 2 tubes for water retention and delivery of herbal or caffeine

Additional accessories for the Colon Irrigation.

- Paper towel dispenser at the end which you can roll over the bed for each client.
- Light attached so the viewing tube is clearly visible.
- Johnson and Johnson antibacterial hand washing dispenser.
- Fluoro tube on the tower.
- White vinyl back mat
- White vinyl head bolster
- Box of Sterile Recctal Tubes
- Box of individual KY Jelly sachets
- Privacy Lap sheets ( blue )

- Training - if you require it.

This includes a complete analysis of the Colon Machine & the Process, a run thru of a session, problem solving, treatments of clients in the process, forms, start up, close down, cleaning routines for each client, daily, weekly. We will make sure you are confident to commence business safely and professionally.

Extras Available

- Small basin with Flickmixer for the room - if you require it.
- Toilet & Cistern for the room - if you require it.

If you don't require the Basin or Toilet unit - I will take off $500 from the price of the Colon Irrigation Machine.
Just incase you already have these in your rooms.

This is everything that you need to set up a Colonic Room.

What you need to do:

- Organize a room to put the Colon Irrigation Machine in.
- Organize a Plumber and Electrician if needed to connect the Colon Irrigation Machine to your sewer or power.

Financially Very Viable Income Stream from Colon Irrigation

As you can see from the workings below this is very affordable with only the bare minimum 1 client a day over a 5 day week.
You could open 7 days or for more than 42 weeks a year of 52 weeks and make even more than this very easily.

I have been charging $95 per treatment and receiving it willingly by my clients. I usually sell treatments in series of 3. Therefore each patient pays $285.

You can sell packs of 5 or 10. I don't discount any of my treatments but value add instead by giving saunas, diet advise, products, samples, cups of tea, stomach massages, heat packs etc. The extra nurturing goes along way.
It shows the patient that you care more for them and take time to listen to their ailments.

I have had many repeat clients and if you offer a bring a friend deal for free treatment it works very well to build business.
I also worked with local Naturopaths, Health food shops, Doctors, etc and gave them free treatment for each referral.
This worked extremely well and built trust and networking quickly. Many people when they see how professional, clean, hygienic, user friendly the machine is, they are only too happy to refer other patients to you.

I often onsold other treatments that we performed in the clinic to Colonic clients ie, products, facials, massage etc.
I believe some Melbourne clinics are charging up to $140 per Colonic treatment.

I have been informed that HICAPS will soon be available for clients to claim their treatments and that some Health Benefit organizations are also refunding part of the costs, making it more attractive to clients.

If you have only 1 client/day@$95 = $ 475/5 day wk. eg 48 weeks of a year = $22,800
If you have 2 per day @$95 = $ 950/5 day week. eg. over 48 weeks of a year = $45,600
If you have 3 per day @$95 = $1425/5 day week. eg. over 48 weeks of a year = $68,400
If you have 4 per day @$95 = $1900/5 day week. eg. over 48 weeks of a year = $91,200
If you have 5 per day @$95 = $2375/5 day week. eg. over 48 weeks of a year = $114,000

If you have 8 per day @$140 = $6720/6 day week. eg. 52 weeks - all year = $349,440

You can easily make the purchase money back in less than a year with only 1+ clients/day!

How much does this Fantastic Machine, training, accessories, data base access (predominantly Mornington Peninsula) cost?

Just $29,500 (ongoing business). Payable in installments. $1,000 deposit.
We will email you a Tax Invoice when we receive an email of intent to purchase.

The machine is excellent and ready to go right now.

We can deliver it to most areas, please check with us if you are in an unusual location though.

I have been using Colonics for over 20 years and operating my own business for 15.

Bodyclinic, I have had for 4 years and this Colonic Machine for approx 3 years.

I have found it to be the best on the market for technology development, ease of use, hygiene, patient satisfaction and therapist use.

I have won awards for Customer Service and the Community, including winning the Australian Achiever Awards and been runner up for 2 years.

You can be just as successful - Get started now!

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