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78 Revell St Blairgowrie WA 3942

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Tattoo Removal

What happens?
We use a Laser that shatters the crystals in the ink under your skin - your body then eliminates this over the next few weeks.

How much does it cost?
This depends on size, colour, depth of tattoo, age of tattoo etc.
In general a tattoo the size of your palm is between $50 - 100.

How long does it take?
Each treatment is minutes - once a month.

Does it hurt?
No more than when you got the tattoo. In fact most of our clients say its fine. We do have a cream that you can put on prior to a treatment that takes the pain away.

Will it scar?
No usually not. However when you got the Tattoo, the artist may have scarred you then. Some people have naturally scaring skin, we can't help this, its genetic.

How many treatments do I need?
This depends on size, colour, depth etc. In general it takes between 5 - 15 treatments.
We can also lighten the tattoo for your artist to go over or remove just a name or piece of your tattoo.

Where are you?
We are based in Exmouth - but we are MOBILE and can come to you.
We treat people in their homes and at work. Yes you can go straight back to work.

Discounts ??
If you bring a friend that has treatment for Tattoo removal as well we will give you 50% off your next visit. Bring a friend each time and you have a very cheap Tattoo Removal

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