Best Treatment for Very Dry Skin


What is the best skin treatment to use for very dry skin? My face has flaky patches on it and nothing seems to fix it for more than a few minutes (when the cream has soaked in).

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Our Thalgo Algomega Warm Facial Treatment (Value $129) is designed for the dry to ultra driest skins. The ideal treatment for this time of year which is designed to lipid-replenish, comfort & repair the skin. This Autumn prevent tight, dull, uncomfortable skin with Thalgo’s antidote to skin dryness. This professional treatment features: the AlgoMega Extracts enriched with Amica and Bitter Aloe Extracts (soothing and regenerating), and the warm mask that forms a cocoon which gently infuses the active ingredients of the products into the heart of the skin to restructure and repair it. Relaxed and supple, your skin is radiant, nourished and replenished. It recovers an incredibly soft texture and the comfort that it was severely lacking.

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Have you tried pure Rosehip Oil. Rosehip oil is a fantastic moisturiser as it will moisturise the dry areas of your skin while not adding too much moisture to oilier areas. Calendula Oil and Carrot Seed oil are natural healing oils for skin conditions.

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The best moisturizer, anti wrinkle cream and an overall skin magical product is Organic Coconut Oil. I douche my skin in the stuff every night (even on my face) & wake up feeling and looking amazing! Goodluck!

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Hi Revive, Restore & Extend DNA Youth Span has been very successful in getting rid of flaky patches of skin on the face. It is an anti-aging product and an ingredient called Teprenone which improve the quality of the skin and long with around a handful of essential oils its helps to hydrate rebalance the skin and in particularly is really useful for diminishing those flakey patches.

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You need a good exfoliation before you need a rich moisturiser. I recommend you have crystal microdermabrasion + Environ Masque. It depends on your skin type but if the therapist have a look at your skin first and you can have micro and omnilux and masque is the BEST. Have a look at Face First Beauty in north sydney. June Special is winter package and you can get Environ Facial + microdermabrasion and Omnilux + masque for only $139. Valued at $425.

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I make an all natural "replenishing Mask" which can be used as a mask or as a deeply nourishing night cream. The 30ml sample jar is only $7.50 if you would like to try it. Please contact me.

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When it comes to very Dry Skin its important to use the right products on a regular basis. For example starting with a Coconut cleanser which is gentle and hydrating. Then a gentle Toner followed by a hydrating moisturiser with Vitamin A & C. At night the same above but use a Serum with Anti-oxidents before using a night moisturiser. Twice a week give your face a extra treatment with a Collagen mask to really boost your hydration. Then every 2 or 3 months have a Professional Facial Treatment. Try to do all the right things eat healthy, drink lots of water, try to stay stress free and get plenty of sleep. Here at Relax & Rebalance we use all of the above products from Belle skincare so you can have professional Facial treatment in the comfort of your own home. If you like the products we use you are able to purchase them

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Hi, We use and recommend the Jeunesse Luminesce range for home care. It is great for dry skin, and will also even out your skin tone, and with continued usage, will provide hydration long past the first few minutes. We'd be happy to show the range to you if you are located in Melbourne. Thanks, Sarah.

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