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My daughter has allergies to just about all the makeup brands we have tried, she comes out in an itchy rash. There must be something she can use, she is 16 and wants to be like all her friends. What brands are less likely to cause irritation, especially around the eyes?

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Hi, my advice is to try hypoallergenic makeup. Usually Clinique products are all hypoallergenic. If not, a secret I use on my clients is to apply a little bit of Organic Coconut Oil underneath the makeup and it will ease any reaction. I hope this works! Good luck, /MakeupByVP

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It is very likely she is allergic to Paraben. Paraben is a very cheap preservative that a lot brand use it. I can recommend you trying GA-DE make up which is skin care mineral makeup. Fantastic coverage and very gentle on skin. Not expensive! You can find it it Face First Beauty in North Sydney.

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I understand as I have been the same all my life until I started making my own, all natural skincare with no chemicals or nasty preservatives. Even my skin specialist was surprised at the great results! If you would like a sample jar for your daughter to try, please contact me.

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Most cosmetics and skincare products contain some sort of chemical. Perhaps if you start with a good skincare that helps sooth sensitive skin. SKINUE is a new skincare range aimed at those with acne but it is very soothing and nourishing for all skin as it has no chemicals. It is also made from Camel Whey which kills any bacteria. Check out or promopage for more info.

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Hi, We use and recommend the Arbonne range of makeup, and have had good success with the range for people with similar reactions to your daughter (itchy rashes etc). We'd be happy to offer a free trial of the makeup, if you are located in Melbourne, and would be happy to answer any questions. The Arbonne range also offers a money back guarantee, so if you do try the range, and find it doesn't work, you are able to return the makeup.

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