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808 Dude

Taking the stink out of adolescence – naturally!

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Taking the stink out of adolescence – naturally!

808 Dude was created by an Aussie mum who couldn’t find grooming products for her teen son that weren’t full of crappy chemicals.

So she developed quality products that use only natural and organic ingredients for a cleansing routine that was so simple “it’s a no brainer” for teens to use while delivering awesome results.

It took two years of research and development by, not-so-rad mum Carolyn Palliardi, to see 808 DUDE come to fruition. Developed and produced entirely in Australia, the products have no harmful chemicals, contain only natural and organic ingredients and provide a solution for mothers of young dudes searching for a shampoo/body wash, face wash and deodorant suitable for their skin.

The frustration of standing in supermarkets, pharmacies and specialty stores surveying hordes of look-a-like products only catering to adult males and young kids but no teens encouraged, former beauty editor and author, Carolyn took action.

“Everything on the shelves was either for adult males or kids. There was nothing that actually addressed the hormonal changes going on in a young male body. A teen’s hair and skin is not the same as that of an adult male,” says Carolyn.

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